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This is a 2 months regular practical training course dealing with a wide variety of gems commonly encountered in the market place. The course covers colored stones like Rubies, Sapphires, Amethysts, Topaz, Quartz, Pearls etc. Starting from Gem Introduction the course goes right up to teaching the most complicated character of gems and the most modern techniques used for their identification.


In a laboratory like setting you shall learn about the scientific concepts forming basis of gem identification.

You shall learn the use and working of Gemological Instruments in the process of Gem testing.You shall handle hundreds of actual stones like rubies, sapphires, emeralds etc. during the learning process and in the end shall identify more than a hundred stones on your own using various Gemological Instruments.

You shall learn how the Gem and Jewellery Market and Industry works. What gems are imported, what gems are exported. What are the main trading centers. What are the countries where exports are carried out.


Gemology – An Introduction
Origin and Occurrence of Gems
Crystal Systems in Gems
Various species and varieties of Gems
Gems and Light
Refractive Index and it’s measurement
Polarioscope- It’s principle and working
Pleochroism and Dichroscope
Specific Gravity and gems
Microscope and it’s working
Inclusions in Gems
Fluorescence and Gems
Spectroscope and It’s working
Various optical phenomenon in Gems
Nature and working of Gem and Jewellery Industry
Optic figure
Gem Shapes and cutting styles
Hot point and Streak Test
Chelsea Filter and Dyeing
Coloring Agents and Fractures in Gems
Various Gems and their identification
i. Diamond, ii. Ruby, iii. Sapphire, iv. Emerald, v. Spinel , vi. Chrysoberyl, vii. Pearls etc.


The Duration of the course is 2 months and class is held Mondays to Fridays for 1 ½ hours each. The fee, timings and next date of start are indicated in the Schedule of Timings and fee etc. provided herewith at the end.