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Vedic astrology is one of the oldest forms of astrology. Its origins trace back thousands of years, and it's based on a body of knowledge known as the Vedas, (knowledge or wisdom), and is referred to as Jyotish -- the light of the heavenly bodies. Vedic astrology, based on the sidereal system of astrology is one of the most powerful forms of astrology. Discover the power of Vedic astrology with these unique and exclusive personalized readings based on your birth information by our Astrologer.

Aeronautical Engineer (Aerodynamics), Jyotirvid.

Practicing Astrology for more than 8years,has guided people in all important areas of life i.e. Career, Business, Money, Love, Education, Property, Personal matters, Transfer, Success, Enemy, Marriage, Couple Analysis, Partnership, Life Reading, and many more. She is acclaimed for her precise predictions and a very strong hold on Vedic Astrology and given perfect remedies in any type of events.

Personal Astrology Profile:
Go beyond your Sign to reveal your astrological portrait, based on the planetary positions at the time of your birth. Uncover details on your personality traits and sun sign characteristics that are uniquely you.

Career Strengths Reading:
What are your strongest natural talents? What is your basic approach to work? What makes you happiest and brings you gratification and self-fulfilment at work? This unique reading provides the answers you are seeking. Understand how your interactions with your co-workers can get you on the fast track to success!

  • Vedic Astrology
  • Career Consultation
  • Horoscope Matching
  • Relationship Consultation
  • Romantic Compatibility Reading
  • Medical Astrology
  • Remedial Measure
  • Vastu


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